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My $40 Weekly Grocery Challenge-Week One!!

If you read my post yesterday, you know that it is goal of our family this year to pay off a large chunk of our debt. While it is not alot of debt, we believe that being a good steward of our money is very important! In doing so, I am starting a weekly $40 grocery challenge! I will get $40 in cash each week to use on groceries, toiletries, paper/household goods, etc...

I am sure at this point you are thinking to yourself that I am crazy, right? Well, I believe that with much creativity in recipes and by planning a menu each week, that this can be done! I will be sharing with you my challenge each week! If I do not spend my allotted $40 each week, I can use it in conjunction with the next week's grocery money. I do plan on saving at least $5-$10 of the grocery money each week so that I can go to Sam's once a month to stock up on meat.

Drew and I headed out this morning to Publix and Sam's along with our stash of coupons, $40 grocery cash, and big smiles in anticipation of good deals! I do have to tell you that for this first week I used a $25 Sams gift card along with the grocery cash. All in all though I am pleased that I still have almost $10 left for the week and I got everthing you see pictured here. I am also planning on getting creative with my stockpile so I won't need to purchase much at the store!

Also, I have to tell you, you need to check out your local produce and farmer's markets for fresh produce and fruit. One thing I plan to do this year is eat more fresh fruits and veggies. Today,on the way home, I hit a produce market right near my house. Oh my word, I could not believe the awesome prices! Green and Red peppers were 8 for $1! At the grocery store, they are $2.99 a pound! I am just a little bit excited, can you tell? :-)

Here is what we ended up with at 3 different stops--Publix, Sams Club, and the Produce Market. All in all, of my $40 in cash, I spent $31 plus I used the $25 Sams gift card. Next week, I will be using cash only, so stay tuned!


--4 assorted cartons Fiber One Yogurts BOGO @ $2.50 each minus 4 $1.35/1 coupons from a General Mills mailer= FREE plus overage! There are also $1/1 coupons on right now that would get you 2 cartons for .50!

--4 jars of Lindsay Spanish Olives (used BOGO@ $1.99 each rain check from last week) $3.98 minus 2 $1/2 printable coupons found here = $1.98 for 4 jars of olives!

--1/2 gallon Lactaid milk-no coupons = $3.65

--2 pints of Organic Valley Half and Half-$1.89 each minus $2/2 Organic Valley products peelie = $1.78 for 2 pints!

--1 quart of TG Lee Fat Free milk- $1.99 minus $1/1 TG Lee product printable coupon found here= .99!

--4 boxes of Ore Ida Fast Fries- on Advantage Buy until this Friday for .89 each-minus 2 1.50/2 printable coupons found here = .56 for 4 boxes!! I like to have these on hand for Drew as a special treat sometimes!

--1 3lb. bag of Sweet Publix onions- no coupons- $1.99

--1 bag of Publix Garden salad-no coupons- $1.25

--1 bulb of fresh garlic-no coupons- .27

--1 packet of Publix Shredded Monterry Jack cheese-no coupons- $1.00

--1 carton of Breakstones Sour cream $1.35 each minus 1 .55/1 manuf. coupon from inserts = .80

--1 carton of Smart Taste Spaghetti at 1.50 each minus .75/1 manuf. coupon from inserts = .75

--4 boxes of assorted Value Pack Nature's Valley Granola Bars BOGO @ $5.49 each minus 4 $2/1 peelie coupons = $2.48 for 4 huge boxes of Granola Bars! My hubby loves to take these for lunch!

--minus $5/20 Save A Lot printable coupon found here (you can use this at Publix if they consider Save A Lot a competitor!)

**My total at Publix was $12.60 and I saved $47.81!!**

Sam's Club

--1 6lb. bag of Tyson boneless skinless chicken breast-$12.98

--1 32 count Ball Park hot dogs- $6.52

--1 huge 3 pack of Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon-$5.17

--1 5lb. package of Perdue Ground Turkey-$10.20

--3 pounds of bananas- $1.29

--1 gallon of TG Lee Orange Juice- $3.48

total spent at Sam's Club = $25 from gift card and $14.64 of my grocery cash!

Produce Market

--4 assorted red and green peppers .50!!!! (they were 8 for $1-can you believe it?)

--1 bunch of cilantro- $1.19

--1 3 lb. bag of apples $2.39

--1 cucumber- .33                   

omatoes- .77

total spent at Produce Market = $5.18

My total grocery cash left for this week is almost $8! This will be nice to have on hand in case I end up needing something that I forgot! :)

--Stay tuned for my menu and yummy recipes for the week!--


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Reader Comments (3)

Thanks for posting this, Heather. Its encouraging! Usually I spend about 60-70 dollars a week, but we've been trying to see where we can cut back as well. I do fine at finding the deals, but not so much at the meal planning, often I get so excited about the DEAL, then the budget is gone and I have all this mix matched stuff that doesn't go together, anyway, I'm going to try to do better at planning out the meals and that will probably help with lowering the cost and getting rid of some of the unnecessary "extras" :)

January 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterHolly Ashmore

Holly, it is so wonderful to hear from you! I am glad to help! Keep up the good work on saving money! :-)

January 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterHeather

Hey girl! Sounds like a good challenge! We have tried to stick to a $70 weekly budget, but with 3 kids it's getting kind of difficult! You've inspired me to keep trying!

January 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterCarrie Spicer

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