***Another Super Sweet Kmart $1.33 Trip!!!***

Today before I worked out at the gym, I decided to stop by another Kmart for Super doubles. Here in FL, we do not have double coupons at the grocery store, so this is a treat and I am trying to go as much as I can this week! Once again, I did great! I only spent $1.33 and that was all tax! I love getting things for FREE! 😉

Here is a breakdown of my stash for today:         

-4 boxes of Coffee Mate flavored creamer sticks-these are so awesome to have for on-the-go! These were $1.29 each-minus 2 BOGO coupons=FREE!

-1 canister of Clorox Greenworks disinfectant wipes-$3.29 minus $2.00 coupon doubled to $3.29=FREE!

-2 packages of Juicy Juice boxes-on sale 2 for $5-minus $1/2 coupon doubled to $2.00 =$3.00!

-1 tube Ben Gay muscle rub-$4.99 minus $2.00 coupon doubled to $4.00 =.99!

-4 boxes of Ziploc assorted bags-$2.00 each minus $4 $1 coupons doubled to $2.00 each=FREE!! (This is what I am really stocking up on this week!)

-I also used a $3 reward coupon that printed on my receipt from yesterday-so, I got all of this for $1.33 and that was tax! 😉

I thought that I would let Drew get in the picture this time with all the goodies from today. He loves to help Mommy coupon and bargain-shop! It is fun to let your kids get involved! It is Drew’s job to hand the cashier the coupons-it makes him feel like he did something special and I love to see the smile on his face!