***My Sweet $11 Meat and Produce Trip to Publix!***

I don’t usually get many awesome deals on meat and produce at Publix, so when I do, it is worth posting about! I have so many people ask me how to get deals on meat and produce, so I thought that you would like to seethe breakdown and pics on my sweet trip! I spent $11.09 and saved $35.06-definitely not one of my best trips, but this was mostly meat and produce, so I was happy!

-6 liters of assorted Minute Maid Lemonade- Buy 2 get one free @ $1.79 each minus 3 $1.50/2 Publix coupons = $2.66 for 6 liters of lemonade!!

-1 ½ lbs. of yellow squash- $1.07 -no coupons, but you will see why in a few minutes!

-1 ½ lbs. of zucchini – $1.28- no coupons

-1 lb. of tomatoes- $1.20-no coupons                      

-1 head of lettuce- $1.49-no coupons

-2 packages of Smithfield thick cut bacon-on sale 2 for $5 minus 2 $3/1 coupons from signing up at: www.smithfield.com =FREE plus $1 overage!!! Go print your coupons now before they are gone!

-2 Hormel Roasts-on sale 2 for $8-this is where the savings on the produce comes in handy. I had 2 coupons for $3 of Publix produce when you buy a Hormel roast.I was buying 2 roasts, so I could use 2 coupons! I got all my produce for FREE with a little overage!!

-1 loaf of Publix Light Grain Bread- $1.79

-2 Cover Girl Eye Colors-$2.99 each minus 2 Publix $2/1 coupons minus 2 $1 manufacturer coupons = FREE!!

This was a great trip for me! We will get 2 meals out of the roasts, tonight I am making BLT’s for dinner, I will then have another pack of bacon for another meal or casserole. So, it is like I got over 4 meals out of my $11 trip today!