My Best Publix Brag Ever! Saved: $108.48 and Spent $2.66!!

I had my best Publix trip ever yesterday, and could not wait to come home and share it with you all! Yes, you read the title right-I saved $108.48 and spent $2.66! $2.13 of that total was tax, so without tax it would have been .53!!! I had the time of my life observing the cashier, bagger, and lady behind me watch in awe as my total went lower and lower! I even shared some of my BOGO Shout coupons with them for 2 FREE bottles this week! They loved it! I know that you all have told me how much you love to see the breakdown of my stash, so here it is! Enjoy! 😉

-2 bags of New England Blueberry Cobbler Coffee and Decaf. French Vanilla Coffee-BOGO@ $5.79 each minus 2 $1/1 IP coupons found here: PRINT  =$3.79!

-2 boxes of 1lb. Velveeta cheese-BOGO @ $3.59 each minus 2 $1/1 coupons from Sunday inserts coupons = $1.59!

-2 bottles of Sundown vitamins- $3.59 and $3.29 each minus $3/2 IP coupon found here: PRINT stacked with the Publix $6/2 coupon found in the Green Back to School flier = FREE plus almost $3 overage!

-10 bottles of Shout stain remover-BOGO @ $2.99 each minus 5 BOGO manuf. coupons from the Publix Summer Savings booklet = FREE! (Remember, if you are in a state where Publix BOGO items ring up the first one full price and the second one FREE, you get both for FREE!)

-1 bag of Mahatma Rice-$3.89 minus 1 FREE coupon = FREE!   

-2 boxes of assorted Morningstar Farms veggie products- BOGO @ $3.79 each minus 2 $1/1 coupons found here: PRINT or PRINT = $1.79!

-2 packages of Cover Girl makeup sponges- $2.49 each minus 2 Publix $2/1 Cover Girl coupons found in the green Back to School flier stacked with 1 $2.50/2 Cover Girl manuf. coupon = FREE plus $1.52 overage!

-1 Cover Girl Eyeliner @ $3.99 plus 1 Cover Girl Eye color @ $2.99 =$6.98 minus 2 $2/1 Publix Cover Girl coupons stacked with 1 $2.50/2 Cover Girl products manuf. coupon = .48!

-2 packages of Kotex pads-BOGO @ $2.95 each minus 2 $1.50/1 coupons found in the CVS Reinventing Beauty magazine = FREE plus .05 overage for 2 packages!

-2 packages of Edwards Single pie slices-BOGO @ $2.59 each minus 2 $1/1 IP coupons found here: PRINT = .59 for 2 yummy desserts!

-2 pints of Starbucks ice cream-BOGO @ $3.49 each minus 2 $2/1 manuf. coupons from Sunday inserts = FREE plus .51 overage for me and hubs favorite ice cream!!

-2 boxes of Lipton flavored Hot Tea- BOGO @ $2.99 each minus 2 $1/1 coupons from the coupon booklet “Raise Your Hand For Savings” found at Publix = .99 for 2 boxes!

-2 packages of Fiber One Key Lime Pie yogurt (sooooo good!) BOGO @ $2.50 each minus 2 $1.25/1 IP coupons found here: PRINT = FREE for 2 packs of delish and healthy yogurt!

-minus $5/50 Albertson’s coupon used as a competitor coupon! Don’t forget that Publix honors all competitor grocery store coupons! This really helps to maximize your savings even more! 😉

Once again, I hope that this will help you all see how I saved so much money! I had fun today and was doing the happy dance as I walked out of the store! 😉