Another Great Survey Company: My Survey

Update: Check out what reader Beth has to say about this company,

“I do (it has recently combined with Lightspeed Consumer Panel, which was another survey site; they are now one and the same) I have “cashed in” twice; both times for a $15 to PayPal-free money! (I cashed in twice on Lightspeed before they closed; also for $15 each time.) Great site. Easier to qualify for surveys compared to Swagbucks surveys.”


Still searching for a few extra survey companies to sign up for? I just found out about another reputable site: My Survey.

My Survey works on a point system.Like other sites, you provide your opinion and get rewarded with points.  You can then exchange your points for prizes and other nice gifts!

GO HERE to sign up today as I am not certain how long openings will be open for.