Kids Crocs Only $10.39 Shipped!

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If you love Crocs as much as we do, then you will want to jump on this sale! My boys have been wearing Crocs for as long as I can remember! They love to live in them especially during the hot, summer months here in Florida! Right now when you head over to, select Crocs are on sale for $12.99. BUT, you can use promo code APPAREL20 (20% off). Shipping is free on your order so you will pay just $10.39 per pair shipped!

Hooded Beach Towels for Kids Only $14.99 + Free Shipping!

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Aren’t these hooded towels adorable? Your kiddos will have so much fun at the beach and pool this summer with these Character Hooded Beach Towels on sale for $14.99 + Free Shipping at Jane! One size fits most. For ages 2-7.

Choose from:

  • Pirate
  • Princess
  • Shark 1
  • Shark 2
  • Diver
  • Mermaid
  • Hula Girl

Michaels: Baseball Slime Event on May 18

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This looks like so much for the kiddos! On Saturday, May 18, from 1:00-3:00pm, Michaels Stores will be hosting a Baseball Slime event! You will need to purchase the jar, but from what I can tell it is only $1. The supplies to decorate and pre-made slime will be provided.

GO HERE to register and for more details.

Enter to WIN a Spring Prize Pack from TCG Toys!

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UPDATE: The winner is Bonnie L.

Hopefully the weather is warming up where you live and you are enjoying this gorgeous spring weather that we are having across most parts of the country!

I have teamed up with TCG Toys to bring you a spring prize pack filled with 3 fun toys for kids of all ages! Included in the prize pack will be the following items: TCG spring-themed puzzle, a Yo-Yo and the Classic Checkers Game. My son Brady has been playing with the checkers and Yo-Yo and having a great time with them! I am waiting on the perfect time to start putting together the lovely puzzle! Puzzles are so much fun and a great way to spend time together as a family! 

To enter this giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post letting me know what your favorite thing about spring is. I will pick a winner at random on Thursday April 30. Entrants must be at least 18 years of age or older and a US resident. 

Good luck everyone!

Give Your Children the Lasting Legacy of Education with Florida Prepaid College Plans + Open Enrollment Promo Code

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Florida Prepaid Open Enrollment is ending soon! April 30 is less than 2 weeks away, and I don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to give your children the lasting legacy of an education thanks to help from a Florida Prepaid College Plan! You can use Florida Prepaid College Plans promo code SWEET19 to save $30 off your enrollment fee!

For my husband and I, there are many things that we want to pass along to our children. One of the greatest privileges and responsibilities for us to pass on to them is education. We feel that with a great education, you can certainly do anything that you put your mind to! Invest in the gift of education with a Florida Prepaid College Plan and let your children be the leaders of tomorrow!

Are you still uncertain about whether or not Florida Prepaid is right for your family? Is your head spinning and you are in information overload with questions? Do you feel that it is too expensive? Which plan is the best one for my child? I am here to answer your questions! Trust me, I totally understand how you feel…overwhelmed, nervous, anxious, stressed. I felt those same exact feelings before we signed up Brady during this enrollment period! My husband and I did a lot of research, number crunching and planning before making this BIG decision.

Should We Invest in a Florida Prepaid College Plan?

I am here to encourage you and to tell you that Florida Prepaid College Plans is the best investment that your family can make! It is a worry-free investment that you will feel good about. As a parent, it is important for me that my children are able to pursue their goals and to dream BIG. When it comes to college and their future careers, I want to give them the BEST education possible. Thanks to a plan from Florida Prepaid, I can help to make those dreams a reality! Florida Prepaid College Plans are guaranteed by the State of Florida. When you sign up today as a new plan holder, your child’s future college education cost will be LOCKED IN at a low rate. You will never lose your investment! That is why it is SO important to sign up during Open Enrollment! There is a reason that over one million people and counting have purchased Florida Prepaid Plans since 1988! I am so glad to be one of those families!

Are Florida Prepaid College Plans Affordable?

As someone who lives a frugal lifestyle and tries to budget and plan my money, I appreciate that Florida Prepaid College Plans is very affordable. You really CANNOT afford to save for your child’s education! You can prepay for your child’s future college either through a monthly or lump-sum payment. And, you can even invite friends and family members to contribute along the way! I think it would be a wonderful idea to have family members to contribute for birthdays and holidays!

Which Florida Prepaid Plan is Best for my Family?

You will first want to look at your family’s budget to see how much that you can spend each month towards your children’s education. I would also highly suggest that you use the Florida Prepaid Pricing Tool. This tool is a fantastic resource that will help you calculate exactly how much your monthly payments will be for each plan. You simply enter the child’s date of birth and it will give you the monthly cost for each plan!

  • 1-Year Florida University Plan – if you are looking to start small, this is the plan for you! This is the plan that we enrolled Brady with and I could not be more excited! It is such a flexible option and allows for different family members to purchase an additional year if they want to, adding up to 4 years! We are paying just over $60 a month for 30 credit hours, which is very affordable!
  • 4-Year Florida University Plan– this is the most popular plan and offers the widest variety of bachelor’s degree options from one of Florida’s 12 State Universities with 120 credit hours.
  • 2+2 Florida Plan– this plan covers 60 credit hours at a Florida State University and 60 credit hours at a Florida State College. You get the best of both worlds with this plan!
  • 4-Year College Plan– this convenient and affordable plan covers 120 credit hours at any Florida State College.
  • 2-Year Florida College Plan– this plan is an affordable way for your child to earn an AA degree from a Florida State College and guarantees admission to a Florida State University. Covers 60 credit hours.
  • 1Year Dormitory Plan– Florida Prepaid also offers a dormitory plan, which is a great option to add on to your Prepaid Plan! You may add dormitory housing coverage to a Florida Prepaid Plan with university tuition coverage at the time you enroll, or during a later enrollment period. A maximum of two semesters of dormitory fees may be prepaid for each year of State University coverage.

Can a Florida Prepaid College Plan be used at a Private College or University?

With your Florida Prepaid Plan, the value you pay to the other schools is the same you would have paid to a Florida school. While Florida Prepaid Plans are designed to be used at a Florida College or State University, the plans can also be applied at other schools nationwide. If your child attends an out-of-state college or private college, the plan will pay the same amount as it would pay at a public college or university in Florida. You would just be responsible if there is a difference.

What if My Child Receives a Scholarship?

You can use scholarships in conjunction with a Florida Prepaid Plan. In fact, I think that it is important to encourage your children to apply for as many scholarships as possible. Having a scholarship in conjunction with a Florida Prepaid Plan will cover even more college expenses. If for some reason the scholarship covers all tuition costs, you can get a refund on your plan and use that for housing, supplies, etc. or transfer the plan to another family member. Remember, you will never lose your investment!

Is there a deadline for my child to use their Florida Prepaid Plan?

Depending on which plan that you purchase, you generally have up to 10 years after the projected year of college enrollment listed in your prepaid application. I appreciate that Florida Prepaid has taken this into consideration! Sometimes kids like to take a year off to decide which career that they want to pursue or perhaps they would like to travel abroad. This is fantastic news for us as parents!

Save $30 off Open Enrollment With Florida Prepaid College Plans Promo Code

Today is the day to change your child’s life forever! Give Your Children the Lasting Legacy of Education with Florida Prepaid College Plans! Lock in your low rate while saving towards your child’s education– You won’t regret it! Remember to use Florida Prepaid College Plans promo code SWEET19 to save $30 off your application fee.

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Do you Still Have Questions About Florida Prepaid College Plans?

Be sure to check out my posts HERE and HERE that may help to answer any other questions that you have.

With Florida College Prepaid Plans, Starting is Believing!

Save up to 69% off Hasbro Toys and Games!

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If you like to give your kiddos things other than candy for Easter, hop over to Amazon where today only they are offering Hasbro Toys and Games for up to 69% off! Choose from Nerf, Marvel, Play-Doh, Hasbro Games and so much more! Prices start at just $4.82. Shop early for the best selection!

Rice Krispies Bird’s Nest Treats

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Easter is quickly approaching and these Rice Krispies Bird’s Nest Treats are always a hit at my house. The boys love to help me make them and they are very yummy! You can change out the candies inside if you prefer something else over M&M’s.


  • 3 tablespoons butter or margarine
  • 1 package (10 oz., about 40) JET-PUFFED Marshmallows
  • 4 cups JET-PUFFED Miniature Marshmallows
  • 6 cups Rice Krispies Cereal
  • Bag of Speckled Easter Egg M&M’s


Melt the butter in the microwave for about 1 minute.

Add in the marshmallows and stir with the butter. Place back in the microwave for about 1 minute and 45 seconds. Stir together until completely melted together and smooth.

Place the Rice Krispies in the mixture and stir completely.

Have a 12-count Muffin pan already sprayed with Cooking Spray ready to go.

Take a generous amount of the mixture and place in each Cupcake slot.

While the slots are still soft, take a spoon and create a small hole in the middle of each one to form a nest or basket.

Let the nests harden for about 10-15 minutes. You can also go back at this time to adjust your nests and take out more of the mixture if needed.

Add in the speckled M&M’s to your nests.

Eat and Enjoy!

You could really use whatever candies that you like in the middle of the nests but I love these speckled M&M’s for Easter!  


How to Get LEGOLAND® Florida Discounted Tickets

LEGOLAND® Florida and Florida Prepaid have partnered together to encourage Florida families to support their children’s imagination all while saving for their college education! This post is sponsored by Florida Prepaid College Plans. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure policy.

Now through April 30, 2019, which is the end of the Florida Prepaid Plans Open Enrollment, not only can you save $30 off your admission fee when you use Florida Prepaid Promo Code SWEET19, but you will also score LEGOLAND® Florida tickets for HALF-OFF! Yes, you read that correctly! 50% off LEGOLAND® Florida tickets! It’s time to start building your child’s future all while having fun where “everything is AWESOME!”

How do I get my discounted LEGOLAND® Florida tickets? 

Any family who enrolls in a prepaid plan during this Open Enrollment season will receive a 50% discount on LEGOLAND® Florida tickets for their family! (3 tickets only, including beneficiary)

When do I need to purchase my LEGOLAND® Florida discounted tickets by and when will I receive them?

If you enroll in a Florida Prepaid plan, you can expect an email with more information on how to access your LEGOLAND® Florida discounted tickets after Open Enrollment ends. Your tickets must be purchased by October 27, 2019.

With Florida Prepaid College Plans, Starting is Believing! 

With a Florida Prepaid College Plan, saving for college is simple and stress-free. While your kids are focused on their LEGO® creations, you can make sure they are prepared to attend college and pursue their goals. Now is the time to prepare for their future education!

You can learn more about Florida Prepaid College Plans HERE.

Don’t forget to use Florida Prepaid College Plans promo code SWEET19 to save $30 on your enrollment fee!

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Do you Still Have Questions About Florida Prepaid College Plans?

Be sure to check out my posts HERE and HERE that will give you more details and information on Florida Prepaid College Plans.

Spring Into Easter with Crayola!

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My 13 year old son Drew loves rockets, space and drawing. When you combine those 3 things together, his imagination can run wild! One of our favorite tools for drawing has always been Crayola products. They offer a wide variety of crayons, pencils and markers that can make any drawing come to life!

Crayola recently introduced several new Signature Series products for 2019 and we were excited to try some of them! These products would be great fillers for those Easter baskets! I love that Crayola is always expanding their lines and bringing art to a new level!

Crayola has expanded its premium line of sophisticated art tools, Crayola Signature, with a new line of Pearlescent tools and Gallery Wall kit! Innovative, sleek and elegant, Crayola Signature products elevate coloring tools to a new level of artistry. Perfect for enthusiasts, crafters and hobbyists alike, the markers, colored pencils, paints and kits in this new line are designed for amazing results. The premium packaging includes a decorative and durable tin adorned with art actually created with the tools inside — truly creativity inspired!

There are 4 new products to Crayola Signature line which include:

Signature Pearlescent Acrylic Paint (SRP: $14.99) Crayola Signature Pearlescent Acrylic Paints offer vibrant colors that give off a shimmery gloss finish. Containing a multidimensional pigment that provides superior coverage, the set includes mixing wells for easy color blending and comes with 16 Acrylic Paints and 3 re-usable paint mixing trays in a decorative storage tin.

Signature Pearlescent Cream Sticks (SRP: $14.99) Crayola Signature Pearlescent Cream Sticks offer 10 creamy colors in a smooth formula that’s perfect for fine art or craft projects. These versatile art tools can be used dry or add a bit of water for blending and work great for other effects like edging, large area shading and water color effects like spritzing or dripping.

Signature Pearlescent Paint Markers (SRP: $19.99) Crayola Signature Pearlescent Paint Markers offer robust colors in a satin, gloss finish. They are perfect for hand lettering and other projects on light or dark paper — as well as glass, plastic, ceramic and more.

Signature DIY Gallery Designer (SRP: $19.99) Crayola Signature DIY Gallery Designer offers an eclectic collection of specially textured papers, 3D origami designs and artistry tools to inspire creation of a custom gallery wall. The set features Signature Pearlescent Paint Markers and Gel Sticks to add a special touch or shimmery finish.

Drew was excited to choose the Crayola Signature Pearlescent Cream Sticks and the Signature Pearlescent Paint Markers. I was amazed at how vibrant the pigment was in the markers and the cream sticks are so cool as they can be used dry or wet! If you have a budding artist in your house, these items would be great additions for their Easter basket! You can find these products from the Crayola Signature line on the Crayola website or at many popular retailers nationwide. Make art fun and Spring into Easter with Crayola!

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Save up to 52% off Melissa & Doug Toys!

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Today only, head on over to Amazon where they are offering up to 52% off select Melissa & Doug toys! These make the best Easter basket fillers! Prices start at just $3.67!

*Amazon pricing and promotions can change at any time so act now if interested! These prices are current at the time of this posting.