Review of Integrity Chef Cold Brew Coffee & Tea Maker

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It’s no secret that I am coffee lover. Shhhhh! Well, I do love anything to do with coffee. Whether it be hot or iced, coffee is definitely one of my favorite beverages! However, given a choice between hot or iced coffee, the cold variety wins for me every time! With that being said, I was so excited to review the Cold Brew Coffee Maker from Integrity Chef!

The Cold Brew Coffee and Tea Maker from Integrity Chef is a coffee lover’s dream! One of my favorite varieties of iced coffee is definitely cold brew, so I was excited to try this. No worries if you are not a coffee lover, you can also use the coffee maker for tea!

One of the first things that struck me about the Integrity Chef Cold Brew Coffee Maker is just how easy it is to use. It makes up to 5 cups of cold brew, so you can make as little or as much as you would like to. Here are some easy suggestions on how to prepare your cold brew coffee. I followed these directions and the cold brew came out perfectly!

1. Grind your favorite coarse ground coffee beans (1.5tbsp of grinds to 4 ounces of water recommended)
2. Place the grinds in the filter and fill the pitcher with room temperature or cold water
3. Leave the pitcher in the fridge overnight (8-16 hours)
4. Remove the filter and dump out the coarse coffee grinds (do not replace filter into pitcher)
5. Replace the cap which creates an airtight seal that preserves the aromatic cold brew coffee flavor and enjoy your cold brew coffee for up to 2 weeks!

I was amazed at the taste of the cold brew coffee. It was so rich and delicious. And, it tastes even better the longer that you let it set in the refrigerator. I added a little bit of cream and stevia to my coffee and it tasted just as good as my favorite cold brew that I get at Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts. Think of this as being a huge money-saver in your budget as well!

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I highly recommend the Integrity Chef brand and hope that you too will consider purchasing their products. You won’t be disappointed!